Aberdeen and Shetland Presbytery- Communication Strategy

At the March 2021 meeting of the Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland, the Communications Officer presented the Communications Strategy for 2021-2023.

This document has been shared with all Presbyters and with all Congregations and can be found in the link below –

Communications Strategy Aberdeen and Shetland March 2021 – Final

Comms Strategy Action Plan-Revisions 2022

The Presbytery’s Social Media Policy; Emergency Communication Protocol and the Etiquette for Electronic Communication were approved as part of the Communications Strategy.

Click on these links to access them separately:

Aberdeen and Shetland Presbytery Social Media Policy March 21

Aberdeen and Shetland Presbytery Emergency Communication Protocol- media enquiries March 21

Aberdeen and Shetland Presbytery-Etiquette for Electronic Communication March 21

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This is a bimonthly Ezine (electronic newsletter) compiled by the Communications Officer with contributions from across Presbytery and incorporating as many items of news as possible for each edition. Please distribute it widely amongst your congregation and feel free to pass it onto anyone who might be interested in reading it.

I trust and pray that it will enable individuals to feel more connected to their wider church as we share news of what is happening within church communities.