Kirk Sessions Considering building or repair works may wish to access the Church of Scotland’s General Trustees website for some general information along with consulting the Presbytery Property Committee.

If it is decided that works should proceed then the General Form should be completed and returned to the Presbytery Property Committee.

All relevant forms and information regarding property matters are available from the Church of Scotland website by clicking here.

This web page is part of the General Trustees’ Resources section of the web site and it is always the best source of Property advice and information.

Please note that the “General Form” supersedes “Form A”. In addition, please also consider looking through the Presbytery devised document titled “Process Control Guidelines” which contains guidance and will give an indication of the process involved over work on church buildings.

Annual Due Diligence Audit Report – In advance of the inspection of Property Registers and Manse Condition Schedules of which is undertaken in the early part of the year by the Property Committee, please consider accessing the document titled “Due Diligence Guidance” which lists the documents of which should be made available to Presbytery at the inspection.

Property Conveners and Session Clerks may also wish to access a document titled “Schedule of Quinquennial and Intermediate Inspection Reports” which lists all properties and the year of which inspection is required. Click here to access the document.

General Trustees Web Page
Download the General Form
Process Control Guidelines