At the meeting of the Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland held on Saturday 4th July 2020, Presbytery approved its ten year Plan. This followed an extensive consultation and listening exercise which has taken into account concerns raised by congregations.  The Plan is subject to approval of the Faith Nurture Forum.  Please select the link below –

Website – Approved Presbytery Plan for July 4th 2020

A a guide – Within the Plan, buildings are categorised A,B,C, or D. This is in accordance with the General Assembly’s Appraisal Act and applies across all congregations in the Church of Scotland.  The categories are as follows:

A –  That the building is expected to remain in use beyond the lifetime of the Plan;
B – That the building is expected to be closed during the lifetime of the current Plan, under an adjustment contained therein or otherwise;
C – That the building is expected to be disposed of as soon as possible under an adjustment contained in the Plan or otherwise;
D –  That the Presbytery is unable to make a determination in relation to a building.