The Rev. Dr Nigel Parker has been Minister at Bucksburn Stoneywood, Church of Scotland for almost 27 years. He made a decision recently to move to work with the Presbyterian Church in Quebec Canada. He says, ‘I go because it is the Call of God’.


Rev. Dr. Nigel Parker

Bucksburn Stoneywood Church

He will be missed by his congregation at Bucksburn Stoneywood who speak fondly of him and his work in the church. Mr. Mike Hepburn session clerk said, ‘Nigel always led from the front and as Moderator of the Presbytery in 2010-2011 he was at the forefront of all developments’.

Rev Mary Whittaker

He will probably best be remembered for reaching out to the deaf community in the North East of Scotland as he mentored and pioneered the work of the first deaf minister, the Rev Mary Whittaker at St. John’s for Deaf People, Aberdeen. He supported the church during Mary’s time away for Ministry training and learnt British Sign Language to communicate with the hearing-impaired congregation. During a recent Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland meeting Mary expressed her own heartfelt thanks to Nigel for all his support.

The church community send their blessings and good wishes for his new beginning in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Sherbrooke Quebec.

He says, ‘ Sherbrooke is a city smaller than Aberdeen about 110 miles from Montreal and just north of the US border at Vermont. Yet like Aberdeen it has two universities and they also used to make paper there. It is also 90% French speaking. Fortunately, my modest congregation is English speaking, but it has been my lockdown skill to improve the quality of my French courtesy of the Open University. The pandemic regulations means that there can be no large farewell gathering and there are many people I would have like to have said farewell to whom I have not seen for more than a year.

His new post is already becoming busy with his first funeral service in July and a bilingual wedding booked.

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Quebec Canada