As Kirk Sessions step towards the re-opening of church buildings following a long period of closure, Presbytery share the following documents which we hope will allow localised help to the churches of Aberdeen and Shetland.  It is important to note that, as the situation with COVID-19 measures, these documents may be revised and updated.  We also attach a document titled “What areas of the church buildings should we be inspecting”.  This document may be used as a weekly check list to ensure that our buildings are thoroughly checked for insurance purposes while unoccupied (up to the 23rd September).

Church of Scotland V7.1 Guidance “Reopening of Church Buildings” 

Example Risk Assessment

Example Checklist

Blank Risk Assessment

Blank Checklist

C19C_RV03.1 Guidance for Congregations on reopening of Church Buildings

Links List (RV03.1)

Planning Ahead for Return to Worship

What areas of the church buildings should we be inspecting

Aviva Clause unoccupied buildings 5th August

Further guidance can be obtained by accessing the Church of Scotland website –

Created 18th August, updated 16 October 2020