Amy Bender graduating from University of Aberdeen with a Bachelor of Divinity

Keith North Church

Mrs. Amy Bender has been working as a probationer at Mannofield Church and part of the ministry team for Aberdeen West Churches.

She leaves us to be ordained and inducted into the charge of Keith North, Newmill, Boharm and Rothiemay churches in the Presbytery of Moray.

Rothiemay Church 

Amy was born in the USA, in Tennessee and grew up on her grandfather’s farm with Aberdeen Angus cattle! She says, ‘Aberdeen was a part of my life long before I knew it was a place in Scotland’. Her family includes her husband, a lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, three daughters and a dog and also extended family in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

Her devotion to the Christian faith was instilled in her at an early age through Bible School, Sunday School and Church Youth Groups, retreats, services at University and joining a church with her then future husband.


She says, ‘We joined St. Stephen’s congregation when we first visited Aberdeen in 1994 and participated in that family of faith for many years, some members even coming to visit us when we were back in the States.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many in the various congregations I have been privileged to serve during my time in Aberdeen.  The church has always been a source of encouragement for our family’.


Her first calling was to education, with children and adults. More recently Amy has worked with primary pupils at Mile End and Heathryburn primary schools in Aberdeen. She entered full time education for her BD at the University of Aberdeen in 2017.  She says, ‘My University experience was tremendously enlightening and exciting, meeting new people and learning new ways to approach God’s Word.’


Amy was a corresponding member for Aberdeen Presbytery and felt this was an important part of her formation as a minster.  She says, ‘Not only have I had excellent mentors from the Presbytery as supervisors from discernment to probation, but I have benefitted from seeing how members of Presbytery interact with each other-from giving tributes to those no longer with us to handling discussions about differing opinions in a respectful way.  I have been included in committee work and relationships with those on the committees have also been part of my development as a minister.  I will carry what I have learned to my new Presbytery of Moray, but I look forward to re-joining many familiar faces in 2023 as we continue to engage in the work of the church to spread God’s Good News to many who need to hear it’.


Amy will be ordained on the 24th of February into the charge of Keith North, Newmill, Boharm, and Rothiemay.


At a recent Presbytery meeting the Moderator wished her God’s blessing in her future Ministry. Amy thanked Presbytery for their support during her training.



She is looking forward to getting to know new communities and ministering alongside others in the parish and actively participating in the Presbytery of Moray. She says, ‘I look forward to re-engaging with children in schools in a new way, as I chaplain the primary schools in the new charge’.


We wish her well and hope she will still leave time for her family and her hobbies of ‘baking, cross stitch, Pilates, reading and walks with friends’.