Following a fun Easter Sunday service; where adults and children alike enjoyed a “Little Jammers” style service, the adults and children went outside to hear the Rev Jim Weir, Interim Moderator thank the dedicated volunteers of the church for their skill and dedication in patching together the old corroded and rotten cross, which at one time towered over the church, to create a beautiful new elegant cross, moved to the side of the church building for all to see as they approach the church.  Mr Weir said it is “An Easter Story in itself, the old cross was broken, it was taken down and rebuilt, it is reborn, we look up and we say hallelujah what a beautiful sight! ….A work of art, it’s the symbol of Easter; Christ died, He rose again… It will always represent the work that goes on in this parish…..We thank those who gave up their time, working away quietly in the background, asking no reward other than the knowing that it is you we serve, let this cross be a symbol to all those who pass by, they pass by under Your protection”
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