The churches of Northfield, Mastrick and Summerhill conducted their final services on Easter Sunday as individual congregations. They move forward with hope and certainty to a new future as one church- Aberdeen North Parish Church.

Rev. Michael Shewan says, ‘Yes, there will be a grieving process we must go through, but we must look forward to the dawning of a new day full of opportunity and see the possibilities for the Kingdom of God. Please pray that the many challenges that lie ahead may be overcome and that above all, God’s will is done in all of this. I sincerely hope you will be part of this new venture and give it your prayerful support.’

Northfield Parish Church posted this message on their Facebook page: ‘On Sunday we were given the opportunity to have our Easter Service as our last Service at Northfield Parish Church. Martin Greig provided a very good Easter Service and it was nice to hear Rene’s closing words at the end of the Service. Being there today brought back a lot of happy to everyone who has attended Northfield Parish Church over the years.’



Rev. Susan Sutherland and Rev. Michael Shewan have written a joint newsletter which has been distributed to their congregations explaining how they will come together and worship as one.


You can access the newsletter here. 

Aberdeen North News -April 2021

From Sunday 11th April services will be in Mastrick Church as one congregation. There will be 2 services – 9.45 am and 11.00 am. To attend a service phone or text  07861316643 each Friday to book a seat for Sunday. Due to the current restrictions they are unable to run the minibus.