Churches around Scotland have been coming up with new and innovative styles of worshipping this year as church buildings cannot invite the usual numbers of people that would normally come to services.

It’s been a great opportunity to embrace technology and tap into the creativity of many Christians who would want to shout out to communities

‘Christmas in not cancelled; Churches are awake and ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus in new and different ways and sing to the Lord!’. 

Ferryhill Parish Church has a similar idea to other churches, using QR codes which will be installed on the trees surrounding their church building, each directing the person to a carol or prayer.

Rev Peter Johnston explains, “Singing is such an important part of the Christmas season, but something we cannot safely do this year when gathered together. We have created ‘virtual choir’ versions of Christmas carols and songs accessible by QR code within the community and on our YouTube channel for people to view and sing along to themselves.”

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