The Presbytery of Aberdeen have published a 10-year plan which aims to reshape the church estate to allow for the renewal and revitalisation of the national Church in Aberdeen.

The report outlines the detailed work that has been undertaken this year to review all of the buildings in the presbytery and make recommendations on whether they will be retained or disposed of at some stage in the future.

The Presbytery aims to ensure that it can have well equipped spaces in the right places across the city.

If the proposals are agreed this will result in some new churches being built over time, others redeveloped, and some let go where the building no longer serves the needs of a modern church and its community.

The changes will allow ministers to work more effectively in teams across the city and to develop the skills of clergy and lay people to re-engage in the life of the city through effective mission work.

Speaking about the report, Planning Convener for the Presbytery, Rev Scott Rennie said: “The Presbytery has a legacy of many more church buildings than they need. We recognise that we will have to make some difficult choices on which buildings should be retained and which should be let go.

“At the heart of our decision-making process is the desire to see a sustainable future for the Church of Scotland and its effective mission and pastoral care for the people of Aberdeen Presbytery.

“We are excited by this once in a generation opportunity, through engaging in this process, to renew our church, and reinvest in our people, and the communities across the city which we serve.

“If the plan is followed through it will lead to significant new investment in church communities across the city, as well as the formation of new worshipping communities in different kinds of spaces and buildings.

“The future for the Church of Scotland is to be closer to our communities, meeting in a range of different spaces, as well as investing in buildings which meet our needs now and in the future.

“By coming together as lay people, and as ministers serving our communities and city to consider this issue we believe we can make a greater impact for the good of everyone.

Click here to download the July 2020 approved Plan for the Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland – Website – Approved Presbytery Plan for July 4th 2020